Maxwell Stephens

FREE Ebook Download: I’ve Got The job! – Expert Advice For Interviews

Advice for InterviewsInterviews can be terrifying experiences, especially when you really want the job!

To help you get to the stage where you can shout “I’ve got the job!” we have put together our top tips for getting through an interview and coming out the other side a newly employed member of staff.

In this eBook we will: Talk about the full interview process, from preparation to delivery, giving yourself the best chance of acquiring your dream job.

Preparing for an interview involves four main steps: dressing the part, being clean, thinking positively, and researching the company. From then on it’s all about creating a good impression and representing yourself the best you can.

One of the first things you are likely to do when you are welcomed into the interview room
is shake hands with the interview panel. It may seem like just a formality, but often first impressions are made by your handshake so approach it with firmness. At the same time it is important to meet the eye of each interviewer and smile when introduced. This will help build a rapport and ensure that they think of you as confident individual.

The best thing to do is to embrace and work with the nervous feelings. They will subside as you go through the interviews, especially if you tell yourself that it is a great chance to showcase your skills and show them that you have all the right attributes for the role.


“ When it comes to answering there is a tendency for someone to waffle. ”