Maxwell Stephens

General Manager Jobs London & UK

As well as other roles within the FM industry Maxwell Stephens enjoy filling general manager jobs. The functions performed by a general manager vary from company to company, however typically they will be responsible for overseeing the whole of an organisation’s operations or they may be given direct responsibility for a specific department or service within a company. Individuals in this role must ensure they meet company objectives within specific deadlines by efficiently and effectively managing employees and resources. Overall general managers represent the company’s business strategies and work to implement and effect change in the daily working environment.

Further functions of a general manager may involve:

  • Administration of daily operations
  • Creating, reviewing and implementing business procedures
  • Planning company activities
  • Managing financial budgets
  • Attending meetings, trainings, seminars and conferences

General Managers are responsible for numerous tasks as part of their roles; hence, they require comprehensive knowledge about a wide variety of job functions. As a result of these high demands the role requires excellent multi-tasking, organisational, interpersonal and leadership skills as well as a thorough knowledge of the industry and related practices.  The role requires individuals who are highly responsible, effective, confident and capable. Other essential skills include:

  • Computer and software skills
  • Being able to delegate responsibilities
  • Training and presentation skills
  • Communication  skills; both oral and verbal
  • The ability to create financial reports and budgets.

Positions for general managers tend to be rather competitive due to their high salaries, which is a direct result of the level of responsibilities these positions involve. Salary also tends to increase with years of experience or with success in maintaining internal client satisfaction levels.

These positions can be reached through successful completion of qualifications such as a degree in a business related field or higher level qualifications such as an MBA, although experience in the industry still tends to be the most important asset sought by employers. Candidates must also have a high quality and successful record of achievement