Maxwell Stephens

Have you met Peter Forshaw?

At Maxwell Stephens we take the time to get to know as much as possible about both our clients and candidates. Ambitions, attitudes, personality – we like to know what makes you tick so that we can find the perfect fit for the job every time. We also feel that is important for you to get to know us and see who is working on your behalf. Take a few minutes to get to know Peter Forshaw, Managing Director at Maxwell Stephens.


  • Job Title
    Managing Director
  • Date Joined
    Founded Maxwell Stephens June 2006
  • Likes
    Good Wine, Wife & 3 Children, Sunshine & Beaches,
  • Dislikes
    Laziness, Rudeness, Bad Manners
  • Hobbies
    Running, Entertaining Friends and Holidays
  • Favourite Brand
  • Favourite Holiday
    Ibiza, Mallorca, Greece

Not even for one moment did I imagine I would embark on a career in recruitment when I was at University. Maxwell Stephens continues to go from strength to strength. After a 7 year career as Office Manager at a large UK recruitment company and a year working as director of a nice recruiter; I felt a break was needed and departed on a 6 week vacation encompassing a trip to both the far east and the Caribbean in 2005 at the age of 28. Upon returning & whilst deciding what to do next, a few late night discussions with my step father (Mr Stephens) sparked the inspiration to create a luxury facilities management recruitment company. Motivated by the actual people I had found in the industry & a keen eye for future trends and doing things differently, I quickly realised Maxwell Stephens’ potential to blossom into a high-end company, with an emphasis on outstanding customer service to remain ahead of other recruiters.

I fully believe that the key driving force behind any prosperous business such as Maxwell Stephens (apart from a strong woman by my side namely Lynsie, my wife) is the people that work there and that without strong staff behind it, a company cannot meet its true potential. After managing a large team in my last role, I was able to apply this experience to Maxwell Stephens to assemble a small team of first class individuals that are all prepared to go the extra mile to be successful. This team continues to grow and is what differentiates Maxwell Stephens from the competition.

I couldn’t possibly choose just one favourite Maxwell Stephens moment but have finally settled on three events that continue to stand out in my mind. The first, when I took all the staff to stay at the shard to celebrate the company’s 10 year anniversary. The second was in November 2017 when we organised our second company client event, held at the Business Growth Fund, where we handpicked all of the guests and organised some awesome speakers, it was a superb! The third was more recently when we took the staff to the races for the day and was it such a success and a much needed break for the staff from the busy quarter that we will now do something similar on an annual basis.