Maxwell Stephens

Facilities Management Jobs in Dubai

If you are going to over view the facility management jobs you will see that it is linked on a number of core responsibilities. For instance, this one role is responsible to ensure the safety of employees and hard assets. And also, they are the individual responsible for allocating space, ensuring a plan for business continuity, managing commercial contracts, grounds, equipments, maintaining the building and most of all they provide physical security.

Furthermore, almost all large building especially in Dubai have their own facilities management department including their schools, hospitals, arenas, convention centre, shopping malls and hotels. However, depending on the size of the building or organization, the role of the facilities management staff can be very complex. Some facilities must deal with environmental and sustainability issues.

At the same time as that, others must focus more on real estate and property management.

Hence, facilities management as a profession is a recession-proof profession. If organisations in Dubai are not expanding their assets in good economic times, they are maintaining their existing physical assets in bad economic times. Therefore, all organisation that have physical assets in Dubai must offer for a job in facilities management. Consequently, as the industry continues to shift, grow and adopt new technologies, traditional roles are also evolving and new position are being created in the facilities management realm. Below are the four most in – demand positions in Dubai’s facilities management markets.

  • Maintenance Managers
  • BAS Techs or Building Automation System
  • Sustainability managers and sustainability engineers
  • Analysts

Hence, you will need a proper requirements when it comes to facilities management in Dubai. It will depend on the organization chart. Plus, the facilities management staff may be comprised of technical specialist that have worked up into management positions or they maybe business school graduates with a sophisticated background in facility management.

A high school diploma and technical certification in the facility management specialty are generally the minimum education required for a job in this field. Those who apply for the role of facilities manager is a large facility, especially one with unique requirements such as a chemical plant or energy complex. As a result the companies in Dubai are demanding for a higher educational background.

And for others that are seeking upper-level of facilities management jobs in Dubai, there are quite a lot of education and professional consideration that should be kept in mind. Years ago, a certain report show that more than 2/3 of the facility managers have a bachelor’s degree or even higher.

22 percent of those facility manager have a master’s degree or higher with the most common area of study being business followed closely by engineering. Furthermore, certifications significantly boost a potential employee’s specialty and credibility. And also an increase chances of ongoing success in a facility management employment.

Some companies in Dubai also preferred credentials including the IFMA’s Certified Facility Manager, HVAC Certification and LEED AP. With a growing number of facility management jobs in Dubai, specialist is arising in the field of facility managements. Companies can be sure that a secure and promising for professional roles in this realm.