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Maintenance Technician Job Description

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Job Summary

A Maintenance Technician, is responsible for completing routine checks and repairs to , fixtures, equipment, fittings and building systems. Their duties include responding to reports of broken or faulty items, conducting routine inspections of buildings and liaising with external specialists and contractors. Employed by most businesses to keep up company assets. May work independently but usually as part of a team. Job duties vary from performing highly technical maintenance work like electrical maintenance to more everyday maintenance like custodial work. Education and training required depends on job duties. Work may be on an employee, contract, or as needed basis.

[It is also a good idea to give some brief background information about your organisation e.g. company size, how long you’ve been in operation, information about specific buildings/premises etc]

Key Responsibilities

[Obviously these responsibilities will vary depending on your organisation and requirements, however we have listed a wide range of potential Head of Estates key responsibilities below as a starting point.]

-Inspecting machinery, equipment, buildings and  systems, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning

-Performing routine cleaning and sanitising, including specialist cleaning of delicate or high-value items such as entry systems, security equipment, lifts and escalators

-Checking and maintaining safety equipment such as fire alarms, fire extinguishers and carbon monoxide detectors

-Performing grounds maintenance such as mowing lawns, trimming bushes and replacing exterior light bulbs

-Inspecting and troubleshooting problems and issues reported by clients or colleagues

-Maintaining vehicles, tools and equipment required to perform the role effectively

-Following a maintenance schedule to ensure that all routine tasks are completed

-Inspecting buildings, equipment, and systems to identify any issues.

-Repairing faulty equipment units and damaged structures.

-Developing and implementing preventative maintenance procedures.

-Managing heating and plumbing systems to guarantee functionality.

-Planning and scheduling repairs.

-Performing general maintenance tasks including landscaping, painting, and carpentry.

-Helping develop and implement the budget for the maintenance department.

-Maintaining the inventory records for equipment and supplies.

Knowledge and Qualifications

-GCSEs or equivalent qualification.

-Certificate in HVAC, building maintenance technology, or a relevant field is preferred.

-Experience in a similar role.

-In-depth knowledge of electrical and hydraulic systems.

-Advanced understanding of general maintenance procedures and techniques.

-Knowledge of maintenance procedures

-Knowledge of structure or grounds to be maintained

Skills and personal attributes

-Ability to lift heavy loads

-Ability to troubleshoot

-Ability to follow a maintenance schedule

-Physical agility

-Manual dexterity

-Effective problem-solving abilities.

-Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

-Well-organised, ability to prioritise tasks.

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