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We have a talent for finding exceptional candidates for exceptional clients. Once you use us for the first time and see how good we are at what we do, we’re absolutely certain you’ll be working with us on your FM recruitment for years to come.

The sheer quality of what we do for clients and candidates comes down to two words – information and application. These set us apart from everyone else in our industry.

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Information is key. We have an enormous database of amazing candidates all skilled and motivated in their field of FM. For each candidate, we have incredibly detailed CVs which breakdown their experience, qualifications and job history.

The sheer depth of this information plus our regular contact with our candidates means that no-one knows more about the job seekers on their books than we do.

From you, we get as much information about your organisation and the role you’re looking to fill as possible. From that, we build up a profile of the candidates we need to introduce you to. Our system’s ability to match candidate with job responsibilities is unsurpassed.


Getting the right person in your role is down to our application.

Everything we do to find and place the perfect candidate has been proven time and time again. We work with hundreds of clients, including Prudential, Facebook, University College London, Mitie, London Stock Exchange, Kings College London, Henderson Global Investors, CBRE, Broadgate Estates, Capita, Wembley, All England Tennis Club, Gilead, UKTV, TaTa Steel, Royal Ballet School, Pepsico, MTV, and British Airways.

We employ professional copy writers to compose a compelling job advertisement and job description. This really sells you, your company and the role on offer. Moving jobs is stressful for any candidate. Most candidates tell us they would only move for something really special. What our job advertisement and job description do is show just how special the opportunity with you is.

Our team of consultants liases with you and your potential future employees throughout the entire process. We’re there to help you find an initial shortlist, arrange interviews, choose which candidates to take to the next stage and, finally, who to employ and how is best to onboard them.

Throughout the whole process, you’ll be highly impressed with the dedication and commitment of the team at Maxwell Stephens.

Service highlights

  • We only do facilities management recruitment – our focus and attention is not diluted by spreading our time and effort over multiple specialities
  • That focus means that no-one is as up-to-date on FM recruitment techniques and strategies as Maxwell Stephens
  • The industry’s biggest, most-detailed database of FM professionals, managers and leaders with whom we’re in regular contact
  • Completely customer-focused team of world-class consultants

Multi-sector Experience

At Maxwell Stephens, Facilities Management is our forte and we can source outstanding candidates which fit perfectly into a variety of facilities management posts ranging from industry professional to senior management.

We do not specialise in one particular facilities management sector, our recruitment services span a variety of different industries and we are adept at helping clients secure a role in specialist areas.

You’ll find working with us enjoyable and easy. You’ll be massively impressed by the candidates we find for you. And you’ll see our true value as a partner as we work together to turn a candidate into your newest employee.

Call today on 0207 118 48 48 or email and let’s start planning.

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Ebook – Recruiting a Facilities Manager: The 10 Things You Need to Know.

Ebook – Recruiting a Facilities Manager: The 10 Things You Need to Know

Finding qualified Facilities Managers to hire can be a struggle, even in a bad economy. However certain things hold true, no matter the economic conditions.

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