Maxwell Stephens

Michael Bleasby

Since an early age, Michael has been very driven and focused to be the best. He competed in middle distance running at both national and international levels before he embarked on his professional career. Competing at those levels has instilled a real sense of self-motivation and the need to complete all tasks to the highest standards.

Prior to joining the company, Michael was tasked with delivering a world-class service to prospective and current owners of prestige vehicles. In this role, he learned the importance of the client taking you on the whole journey with them. It’s only when you walk with a client and see the experience they go through that you can understand exactly what is needed to create the ultimate outcome – 100% satisfaction with the service.

It’s that attitude and attention to detail that Michael brings to both our facilities management clients and candidates.

When he is in charge of delivering the services you want from the company, his level of commitment to achieving a successful result for you will ensure the right outcome. You’ll find him a friendly, open, honest, and engaging individual.

Michael’s guilty pleasure film-wise is “A Knight’s Tale”. He is a massive Blink 182 fan – his favourite song of all time is “All The Small Things” and album “Enema Of The State” by the very band.



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