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Property Manager Job Description

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Job Summary

A Property Manager is responsible for ensuring that residential and commercial properties meet the needs of their tenants. This may involve determining rates, marketing vacancies, and maintaining vacant rooms until filled. Their duties may also include collecting rent on behalf of the owner, making payments such as taxes and other expenditures and supervising any staff hired by the real estate company.

[It is also a good idea to give some brief background information about your organisation e.g. company size, how long you’ve been in operation, information about specific buildings/premises etc]

Key Responsibilities

[Obviously these responsibilities will vary depending on your organisation and requirements, however we have listed a wide range of potential Head of Estates key responsibilities below as a starting point.]

-Manage all aspects of assigned properties

-Collect receivable accounts and handle operating expenses

-Design business plans for assigned properties that suit customers’ needs

-Handling building inspections for prospective tenants or buyers

-Hiring and supervising any staff employed on the property

-Inspect and arrange maintenance to meet standards

-Advertise and market vacant spaces to attract tenants

-Negotiate lease/contracts with contractors in a timely and reliable manner

-Develop and manage annual budgets 

-Oversee properties’ personnel and assess its performance

-Accomplish financial goals and report periodically on financial performance

-Source and build relationships with prospective clients to expand business opportunities

-Update job and market knowledge

-Setting and collecting rent and other fees from tenants

-Carrying out property valuations

-Managing tenant screenings and evictions

-Enforcing occupancy rules

-Preparing regular property-status reports for relevant stakeholders

-Coordinating maintenance schedule with the Maintenance Coordinator

Knowledge, Experience and Qualifications

-Valid real estate agent/broker license

-Fully understanding property management and its financial aspects

-Bachelor’s Degree in Property Management

-Working knowledge of word-processing tools and other relevant computer software, including Microsoft Office

Skills and personal attributes

Customer focus 

-Strong communication and presentation skills

-Excellent time management skills

-Working knowledge of financial principles

-Ability to work well in a team

-Ability to work with minimal supervision

-Excellent knowledge of the property and real estate market

-Strong negotiation skills

-Excellent management and organisational skills

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