Hard Services Facilities Manager (Ref: 006241)

Circa £60,000 + Package & Opportunities
Unleash Your Expertise as an MEP Facilities Manager for a Complex Transformation!

Are you ready to embark on a journey of transformation and innovation?

Join our client as they pioneer the future of a large complex nestled in the heart of South Shropshire.

As the site undergoes a sweeping redevelopment, we're on the lookout for a visionary MEP Facilities Manager to spearhead the management of our client's infrastructure, energy and Individual Buildings.

Dive into a realm of limitless possibilities where no two days are alike. As our client's MEP Facilities Manager, you'll orchestrate a symphony of systems, overseeing the heartbeat of a new energy nucleus.

Here's just a glimpse of what awaits you:

Systematic Vigilance: Conduct daily, weekly, and monthly check-ups, ensuring every cog in the machinery is finely tuned. From power distribution to security networks, and from heating systems to water infrastructure, your expertise will guarantee seamless operations.

Masterful Coordination: Like a conductor leading an orchestra, you'll supervise and coordinate maintenance endeavors and collaborate with contractors, meticulously following the melody of our Operation and Maintenance manuals.

The Alchemist of Organization: You'll weave a tapestry of efficiency, managing consumables, overseeing storage, and even delving into cost analysis. Your knack for procurement and negotiation will ensure every penny spent delivers unparalleled value.

Guardian of Safety: Safety isn't just a priority; it's your creed. With a hawk-like focus, you'll ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, ensuring our haven remains secure for our esteemed clients and staff.

Trailblazer in Times of Crisis: Emergencies bow to your expertise. When urgent matters arise, you're the beacon of solutions, swiftly navigating through stormy seas to bring the calm.

Qualifications That Make You a Maverick:

• Armed with a minimum of HND/HNC in building services or a kindred engineering discipline, you're poised to make a difference.

• Your negotiation prowess and procurement finesse set you apart, ensuring efficiency in every transaction.

• Multitasking is your forte, and you're a virtuoso of prioritization, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

• You possess the uncanny ability to extract wisdom from diverse sources, transforming information into actionable insights.

• You have first class written communication skills.

• While you have a solid IT foundation, you're always open to new technological horizons.

• Your innovative approach breathes life into every project, turning challenges into triumphs.

Embrace the Adventure:

As the custodian of our clients estate's transformation, you'll craft your schedule to match the heartbeat of innovation, with the role occasionally requiring longer hours and weekend work to orchestrate unforgettable functions.

Join Us in Shaping the Future:

Are you prepared to etch your legacy into the tapestry of our client's resplendent country estate?

Embark on a mission where every challenge is a chance to showcase your brilliance. Elevate your career – apply now and be a part of a journey that redefines excellence!

Maxwell Stephens is expecting a large volume of applications for this role. We’re keen to place the correct person with our client as soon as possible. Therefore, we encourage all interested FM professionals with the experience to successful expedite this role to contact us without delay.

Please call 0207 118 48 48 to speak to one of the Maxwell Stephens team or alternatively you can email your cv to cv@maxwellstephens.com to apply.