Media Mastery: Enhancing Operational Excellence at Aegis Media


Aegis Media, now part of Dentsu, is a global leader in media and digital communications, known for its innovative approaches and commitment to excellence. Operating from prominent locations like Regent’s Place in London, Aegis Media upholds high standards in service delivery and corporate responsibility.

The Challenge

Aegis Media sought a Facilities Manager to oversee the operational efficiency and safety of their facilities at 10 Triton St, Regent’s Place. The role required managing a diverse range of responsibilities, from team leadership and health & safety management to procurement and customer service.

We identified a highly skilled Facilities Manager with extensive experience in coordinating facility services and enhancing customer satisfaction. The selected manager demonstrated proficiency in managing teams, implementing health & safety protocols, and utilising IT systems crucial to Aegis Media’s operations.

The Results

Upon placement, the Facilities Manager assumed responsibility for several critical functions:

• Team Leadership: Managed and developed a team of Facilities Assistants to ensure a top-tier service delivery to Aegis Media staff at Regent’s Place.

• Health & Safety Management: Implemented and managed health & safety initiatives, including training for First Aiders and Fire Marshals, conducting building inductions, and overseeing compliance with regulatory requirements.

• Procurement and Finance Liaison: Managed procurement processes and purchase orders, liaising with suppliers and ensuring timely payments and recharges where necessary.

• Customer Service Excellence: Ensured service levels met or exceeded expectations through proactive communication and efficient resolution of facility-related issues.

Under the leadership of the Facilities Manager, Aegis Media achieved enhanced operational efficiency, improved health & safety compliance, and strengthened relationships with service providers. The manager’s proactive approach and strategic oversight contributed to maintaining Aegis Media’s reputation as a leader in media and digital communications.