Air Ambulance Soars with Expert Facility Management: A Success Story of Efficiency and Safety


We partnered with Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex (AAKSS), a critical healthcare organisation, to address their interim Facilities Manager needs. This case study showcases our expertise in talent acquisition and the successful placement of a key professional at AAKSS.

Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex (AAKSS) operates a vital air ambulance service, dedicated to delivering urgent medical care to those in need. With a focus on efficiency and safety, AAKSS relies on effective facility management to support their life-saving mission.

The Challenge

AAKSS sought an interim Facilities Manager to oversee essential operations, including contract negotiation, maintenance oversight, compliance management, and safety protocol enforcement. We were tasked with finding a candidate capable of navigating the complexities of healthcare facility management.

The Results

We leveraged our extensive network and industry knowledge to identify a highly qualified candidate for AAKSS. This individual demonstrated strong leadership skills, a strategic mindset, and hands-on experience in maintenance disciplines, making them an ideal fit for the role.

Upon placement, the recruited interim Facilities Manager assumed responsibility for negotiating contracts, managing maintenance services, overseeing compliance tasks, and ensuring the integrity of safety and security protocols. Additionally, the manager took charge of energy management, landlord liaison, and cost-saving initiatives.

Under the guidance of our recruited Facilities Manager, AAKSS experienced significant improvements in facility management efficiency and effectiveness. The manager implemented cost-saving solutions, streamlined maintenance processes, and enhanced safety measures, contributing to the overall operational excellence of the organisation.