Facilitating Futures: Our Maverick Move with AmTrust International's Facilities Management


We were approached by AmTrust International, a renowned American insurance company, to assist in finding a highly skilled UK Facilities Manager. AmTrust had recently relocated approximately 500 staff to a new office space across three floors in the iconic Gherkin building in London. With offices around the globe, including several in the UK, AmTrust required a dedicated professional to oversee facilities management for both their London and Nottingham offices. The role entailed a broad range of responsibilities, including health and safety management, business continuity planning, and managing two direct reports.

The Challenge

AmTrust International presented us with a multifaceted challenge. The ideal candidate needed to possess a strong background in facilities and health and safety management, along with significant experience in business continuity planning. The complexity of the role was compounded by the need to manage facilities across two major locations, London and Nottingham, and to interact with multiple senior stakeholders.

The candidate needed to exhibit exceptional organisational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to manage various tasks and priorities effectively. Additionally, the individual had to be a strong communicator with a customer-focused approach, capable of building strong relationships within the company and ensuring smooth office operations.

The Results

We successfully identified and recruited an outstanding candidate for the UK Facilities Manager position at AmTrust International. Through a rigorous selection process, they found a professional with over five years of facilities and health and safety management experience, complemented by more than three years in business continuity management within a corporate environment. The selected individual demonstrated exceptional organisational abilities, attention to detail, and a results-oriented approach. Their strong communication skills and ability to build collaborative relationships at all levels ensured they were well-suited to meet the needs of AmTrust.

The new UK Facilities Manager seamlessly integrated into the team, taking charge of all day-to-day facilities management services, health and safety requirements, and business continuity plans for both the London and Nottingham offices. Their leadership and expertise have been instrumental in enhancing the operational efficiency and safety standards of AmTrust's facilities, contributing to the company's overall success and stability.