Mastering Multi-Site Management:’s Estates & Facilities Triumph


We recently succeeded in filling a critical role at – Head of Group Estates & Facilities Management. This high-profile position required a seasoned professional capable of leading and managing a diverse estates department across multiple locations and handling significant projects. is a prominent online retailer specialising in electrical goods. The company operates 7 warehouses, 32 out bases, 3 city hub offices, and multiple sites in Germany. With an expanding footprint, required an expert to oversee the Estates and Facilities Management (FM) teams and manage new developments.

The Challenge

The Head of Group Estates & FM role at was pivotal, encompassing a wide range of responsibilities:

• Leading and managing the Estates department.

• Overseeing the Facilities Management (FM) team, Soft Services team, and Project team.

• Managing operations across 7 warehouses, 32 out bases, 3 city hub offices, and sites in Germany.

• Overseeing new developments with project values up to £5 million.

• Effective board and stakeholder management and communication.

• Full P&L and budget responsibility for the Estates department.

Challenges: The role posed several challenges:

1. Complex Multi-Site Management: The candidate needed to efficiently manage and coordinate activities across numerous and geographically dispersed locations.

2. High-Value Projects: Oversight of new development projects valued up to £5 million required significant expertise and strategic oversight.

3. Stakeholder Communication: Effective communication with the board and stakeholders was crucial to align the estates strategy with the broader business goals.

4. Budget and Financial Acumen: P&L and budget responsibility required a candidate with strong financial management skills.

The Results

We successfully filled the Head of Group Estates & FM position with a highly qualified professional who met all the role’s requirements. The appointed candidate brought a wealth of experience in managing large-scale facilities operations and overseeing high-value development projects.

Impact: The successful recruitment of the Head of Group Estates & FM has enabled to:

• Ensure efficient management and coordination across its numerous sites.

• Continue its expansion with effective oversight of new developments.

• Maintain robust financial management within the Estates department.

• Enhance board and stakeholder communication regarding estates strategy.

Candidate Testimonial:
"I worked with Peter and his team when my FTC came to an end at BT; Peter helped me secure my perfect role as Head of Group Operations at Peter possesses a wealth of knowledge within the FM industry and really listened to me and my needs. Peter kept in daily contact and ensured my recruitment ran as smoothly as possible. Peter worked really hard to secure the best package possible for me and I am so thankful to him and his team of recruiters for working so hard, helping me secure the next step in my career."