Precision Placement: Empowering Apax Partners with a Skilled Facilities Assistant


We recently partnered with Apax Partners, an independent global investment firm dedicated to long-term growth investments in various sectors including Internet/Consumer, Healthcare, Services, and Tech. Apax Partners manages funds focusing on companies with enterprise values ranging from €1bn to €5bn. With a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, Apax Partners maintains high standards in all facets of their operations.

The Challenge

Apax Partners sought a Facilities Assistant for their London office to support their Facilities Manager in maintaining a high-quality working environment. The ideal candidate needed to possess essential facilities management skills, social acumen, and the flexibility to adapt to varying shift patterns and on-call requirements.

The Facilities Assistant role at Apax Partners encompasses a wide array of responsibilities essential for the smooth operation of their London office. Reporting directly to the Facilities Manager, key duties include:

• Office Services Management:

Handling incoming and outgoing mail and courier deliveries.

Procurement and distribution of office supplies and equipment.

Coordinating service and repairs for office machinery.

Administering general office services tasks as directed.

• Building Services Oversight:

Ensuring efficient operation of building facilities such as lifts, HVAC systems, and utilities.

Supervising office cleaning and maintenance contractors.

Managing storage areas and maintaining a clean and organised workspace.

Implementing day-to-day health and safety protocols under the Facilities Manager's guidance.

• Administrative Support:

Assisting in intranet updates, database management, and other administrative tasks as required by the Facilities Manager and Head of Office Services.

The Results

We identified a candidate eager to kickstart their career in facilities management. With prior experience in office environments and a knack for handling mail room duties, this candidate was well-suited for the dynamic role at Apax Partners. Their blend of interpersonal skills and practical experience made them an ideal fit for the team-oriented culture fostered by Apax Partners.

We successfully placed the talented Facilities Assistant at Apax Partners. This individual seamlessly integrated into Apax's facilities team, contributing to the efficient operation of their London office. Their proactive approach and commitment to excellence align perfectly with Apax Partners' values, ensuring continued success in meeting their facilities management objectives.