Operation Elevation: How We Insured Top-Tier Facilities Management for Arch Group


We recently collaborated with Arch Group Insurance, a prominent player in the insurance industry. Arch Group Insurance sought to fortify its facilities management team by appointing a Facilities Operations Manager for their London office.

The Challenge

Arch Group Insurance recognised the critical need for a proficient Facilities Operations Manager to streamline their London office's facilities coordination. With a growing portfolio and the impending relocation of their London site, Arch Group Insurance required a dedicated professional to orchestrate various tasks seamlessly.

We swiftly identified the perfect candidate to meet Arch Group Insurance's requirements. The selected Facilities Operations Manager brought with them a wealth of experience and expertise in facilities coordination, project management, and vendor relationship management.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

1. Project Planning and Coordination: The Facilities Operations Manager adeptly assisted in project planning and coordination, collaborating closely with key stakeholders, including contractors and vendors, ensuring a smooth transition during the London office relocation.

2. Facilities Systems Management: They efficiently managed facilities systems like Smartsheet, iOffice, Arch Pay, and Smart Lockers, facilitating comprehensive reporting to management, thus ensuring transparency and accountability.

3. UK Facilities Requests Handling: As part of the facilities management team, the manager efficiently handled UK-wide facilities requests through Service Now, ensuring prompt resolution of issues and optimal functionality across all sites.

4. Building Management Liaison: Establishing effective communication channels with UK-wide building management, the manager effectively addressed building facilities issues, thereby maintaining a conducive work environment.

5. Access Permits and Smart Locker Management: They managed access permits for the global access system and Smart Lockers, facilitating secure and efficient access for employees while overseeing the rollout process across all UK sites.

6. Regional Office Construction Projects: The manager actively contributed to regional office construction projects, showcasing dedication through potential site visits and meticulous project oversight.

7. Vendor Appointment and Relationship Management: They efficiently managed vendor appointment, audit processes, and nurtured vendor relationships, ensuring seamless service delivery and cost-effectiveness.

8. Facilities HSE Programme Assistance: The manager actively assisted in the facilities Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) programme, reinforcing Arch Group Insurance's commitment to employee well-being and regulatory compliance.

The Results

Through our strategic placement and the diligent efforts of the appointed Facilities Operations Manager, Arch Group Insurance witnessed remarkable enhancements in their facilities management processes. The London office relocation was executed seamlessly, and day-to-day operations across all UK sites were optimised for efficiency and effectiveness. The manager's proactive approach towards vendor management and HSE programme assistance further bolstered Arch Group Insurance's reputation for excellence in facilities management.