Mastering the Office Symphony: Orchestrating Operational and Safety Success at Argenta


Argenta recently secured the role of Office Supervisor through ourselves. Argenta, committed to optimising office operations, sought a professional to ensure seamless functioning of their IT and office administrative departments. The role was pivotal in maintaining health and safety standards and overseeing supplier services.

The Challenge

Argenta needed an Office Supervisor to handle diverse responsibilities, including managing office facilities, overseeing supplier contracts, ensuring health and safety compliance, and facilitating office moves. The ideal candidate required proven experience in health and safety management and office operations, alongside excellent organisational and communication skills.

We meticulously identified candidates with a track record in health and safety management and office administration. They focused on individuals proficient in supplier management and capable of prioritising tasks independently while keeping the Head of IT informed.

The Results

Upon placement, the Office Supervisor swiftly integrated into Argenta's operations, achieving notable milestones:

1. Operational Efficiency: Ensured smooth office operations by managing supplier services, handling office maintenance, and overseeing essential facilities like cleaning and photocopiers.

2. Health and Safety Compliance: Implemented rigorous health and safety measures, including regular checks on utilities and maintaining accurate records. Took on responsibilities as a Fire Officer, enhancing fire safety protocols.

3. Supplier Management: Successfully controlled costs and maintained service standards by liaising effectively with suppliers.

4. Office Moves and General Duties: Assisted in seamless office relocations and efficiently managed archiving, post services, and stationery supplies.