Transforming Workspaces: BGF’s Journey to Top-Tier Facility Management


BGF, a prominent firm known for its innovative investment strategies, recognised the pivotal role of efficient facility management in fostering a conducive work environment and supporting its overarching business objectives. With a commitment to excellence, BGF sought to revitalise its facility management approach by enlisting the expertise of ourselves. The objective was clear: to identify top-tier professionals capable of spearheading BGF’s facility management endeavors with precision and proficiency.

1. Facilities Director: The search for a Facilities Director involved a comprehensive assessment of candidates’ leadership acumen, strategic vision, and ability to align facility management initiatives with BGF’s overarching goals. We meticulously curated a pool of candidates with extensive experience in driving operational excellence within multifaceted environments. After rigorous evaluation and in-depth interviews, a seasoned Facilities Director was selected, poised to orchestrate BGF’s facility management strategy with finesse and foresight.

2. Facilities Manager: The Facilities Manager role necessitated a candidate with a versatile skill set encompassing operational efficiency, resource optimisation, and stakeholder engagement. We leveraged its extensive network and targeted search methodologies to identify candidates who demonstrated a track record of implementing best practices in facility management. Through a rigorous selection process, a dynamic Facilities Manager was appointed, ready to streamline BGF’s facility operations and enhance workplace productivity.

3. Front of House Supervisor: Recognising the pivotal role of frontline staff in delivering exceptional visitor experiences, we sought a Front of House Supervisor with impeccable interpersonal skills, a keen eye for detail, and a passion for customer service. Leveraging innovative assessment techniques and behavioral profiling, we identified a candidate whose personable demeanor and proactive approach were poised to elevate BGF’s front of house services to new heights of excellence.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the entire Maxwell team for helping me secure this amazing role at BGF. A special thanks to William for handling my case initially, and to Amelia for guiding me throughout the entire recruitment process. Your support has provided me with an incredible opportunity. I have now settled in very well and couldn't be more pleased. I wish you all the greatest success in the future.

The Results

Through a collaborative partnership characterised by strategic insight and tailored recruitment solutions, we played a pivotal role in fortifying BGF’s facility management capabilities. By aligning top-tier talent with BGF’s organisational vision, we facilitated a transformative journey that not only optimised facility operations but also positioned BGF for sustained success in a dynamic business landscape.