Mastering Prestige: Elevating Paternoster Square through Integrated Property and Communications Management


We partnered with British Land to recruit for the role of Estate Property & Communications Manager at Paternoster Square. This collaboration is a testament to Maxwell Stephens’ expertise in sourcing top-tier talent for prestigious property management roles.

British Land is one of the largest property development and investment companies in the UK, known for its extensive portfolio of prime locations. Their commitment to creating outstanding environments for modern living and working is evident in iconic sites like Paternoster Square, located adjacent to St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.


Paternoster Square is a significant urban space in the City of London, known for its blend of historic and contemporary architecture. It serves as a hub for business, retail, and leisure activities, making it a vibrant community focal point. The square’s management requires a nuanced approach to property and communications to maintain its prestige and functionality.

The Challenge

The Estate Property & Communications Manager role is crucial for maintaining the high standards of Paternoster Square. The key responsibilities include:

1. Property/Estate Management

Building and maintaining relationships with occupier representatives.

Managing the annual estate service charge budget.

Ensuring compliance with Health & Safety regulations.

Acting as the Responsible Person and Senior Fire Warden.

Overseeing estate staff training and development.

Procuring and managing contracted property management services.

Embodying Broadgate Estates’ vision and values in all estate services.

2. Communications Management

Facilitating effective communication between commercial occupiers, retailers, and the management team.

Enhancing the Paternoster Square website and social media presence.

Managing communications with end users, including online and offline media.

3. Events Management

Developing and proposing an annual events programme.

Ensuring all necessary approvals for events are obtained.

Engaging occupiers and stakeholders in activities.

Acting as a brand guardian for Paternoster Square.

Continuously reviewing and innovating the events programme to keep it fresh and engaging.

4. Other Responsibilities

Maintaining the communications element of the induction process.

Supporting the estate through various activities to achieve Broadgate Estates’ vision and values.

We utilised a comprehensive recruitment strategy to ensure the selected candidate possesses the necessary skills and experience, such as property management, health and safety management, contract management, IT and social media proficiency, and strong relationship-building capabilities. The ideal candidate also demonstrates competencies in service excellence, team working, effective communication, and financial responsibility.

The Results

The successful recruitment of the Estate Property & Communications Manager is set to enhance the operational efficiency and economic competitiveness of Paternoster Square. By ensuring a proactive communications structure and vibrant events programme, the new manager will help maintain the square’s status as a premier destination in London.