Revamping Efficiency: Brompton Bicycles' Facilities Triumph through Dynamic Interim Leadership


We were tasked with filling the position of Head of Facilities Projects on a short-term contract basis for Brompton Bicycles. The position initially required interim cover for the retiring Head of FM and Maintenance, with a subsequent focus on improving the existing facilities team and assisting in the search for a new Head of FM. What began as a 3-month contract extended to 9 months, showcasing the candidate's exceptional performance and value to the company.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to find a candidate who could seamlessly step into the role, manage ongoing projects, and contribute to the recruitment process for a permanent Head of FM. Additionally, the candidate needed to have a strong project management background and the ability to oversee various facility improvement initiatives within a manufacturing environment.

We identified a highly qualified candidate with a wealth of experience in project management and facilities operations. The candidate demonstrated proficiency in managing complex projects, negotiating leases, and liaising with external stakeholders. Their ability to build relationships with landlords, lawyers, and contractors, coupled with their track record of delivering projects on time and under budget, made them the perfect fit for the role.

The Results

During the 9-month tenure, the interim Head of Facilities Projects spearheaded several significant initiatives, including the installation of a £500K air cooling system for the factory, negotiation of leases for four new units for company expansion, and managing a £360K fit-out of these units. They also oversaw the refurbishment of two floors at Head Office, installation of electric car charging points, implementation of thermal imaging cameras for COVID-19 protection, and acquisition of off-site car parking.

Moreover, the candidate brought in new third-party suppliers to enhance service levels and value for the business. They established strong relationships with key stakeholders and delivered weekly reports to the CEO and CFO on projects and budget, ensuring transparency and accountability. All projects were completed on schedule and within budget, showcasing the candidate's exceptional leadership and management skills.