How Our Property Administrator Kept Brookfield Properties Running Smoothly


We recently undertook the recruitment of a Property Administrator for Brookfield Properties, a leading real estate company dedicated to maintaining high standards in property management and operations. This critical role required providing essential administration support to the Building Management Team at Brookfield Properties.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to identify a Property Administrator who could uphold efficient administration systems, communicate effectively with various stakeholders, and manage multiple responsibilities seamlessly. The candidate needed to be adept at handling complex information and be the first point of contact for the Management Team.

We leveraged our expertise in facilities management recruitment to conduct a targeted search for candidates with strong administrative skills and a proactive approach to managing office operations. We employed rigorous screening processes, including in-depth interviews and assessments, to evaluate candidates' proficiency in diary management, service desk operations, and health & safety compliance.

The Results

We successfully placed a highly qualified Property Administrator who exceeded Brookfield Properties' expectations. The selected candidate demonstrated:

• Exceptional skills in maintaining internal systems and workflows, advising on administrative best practices, and ensuring up-to-date management of the Service Desk.

• Proficiency in managing expenditure spreadsheets, processing invoices, and coordinating training course bookings.

• Capability to maintain the 'Meridian' H&S System and liaise effectively with external contractors and stakeholders.

• Strong attention to detail in minute-taking, report administration, and office management responsibilities.