Acing Facility Management: CBREMS's Triumph in Talent Acquisition


CBRE Managed Services (CBREMS) is a premier provider of property management services, recognised for its dedication to maintaining high standards and innovative solutions. CBREMS operates with a commitment to creating positive experiences for clients and tenants, ensuring compliance with regulatory and procedural requirements, and fostering strong relationships with all stakeholders.

The Challenge

The Challenge

CBREMS required a Locality Facilities Manager to oversee operational activities for one or more properties within a specific region. The role involved substantial supervisory responsibilities, including:

• Positive Building Image: Developing and maintaining a positive image of the building.

• Financial Management: Drafting, controlling, and reporting on service charge budgets and expenditures.

• Contract Management: Tendering and placing contracts for services.

• Operational Oversight: Monitoring activities, conducting regular building inspections, and ensuring maintenance and repair programs are in place.

• Health and Safety: Ensuring compliance, organising safety evacuations, and maintaining records.

• Environmental Management: Adhering to environmental policies.

• Risk Management: Proactively managing risk and handling insurance issues.

• Stakeholder Engagement: Liaising with tenants, attending meetings, and working with local authorities.

The ideal candidate needed a blend of technical expertise, legislative knowledge, and the ability to build and maintain relationships with clients, tenants, and suppliers.

The Results

Our meticulous recruitment strategy led to the successful placement of an exceptional Locality Facilities Manager who quickly integrated into the CBREMS team. The chosen candidate has demonstrated their capability by:

• Enhancing the positive image of the properties under their management.

• Effectively managing service charge budgets and expenditures.

• Successfully tendering and placing contracts for essential services.

• Conducting regular building inspections and ensuring high standards of maintenance and repair.

• Ensuring full compliance with Health and Safety regulations and environmental policies.

• Proactively managing risks and resolving insurance issues.

• Building and maintaining strong relationships with tenants, clients, and suppliers.