Clarksons PLC's New Head of Facilities Management Steers Operational Success at Commodity Quay


We proudly announce the successful placement of a Head of Facilities Management at Clarksons PLC, a prominent global shipping services provider headquartered in London. The new appointee will play a pivotal role in managing the facilities and services at Commodity Quay, ensuring that the environment is safe, efficient, and conducive to productivity.

The Challenge

The candidate would have a vast range of responsibilities:

Facilities and Services Management:

• Scope of Work: The Head of Facilities Management is responsible for overseeing the overall facilities and services within the Commodity Quay building.

• Key Services: This includes essential services such as cleaning, security, parking, and maintenance.

• Refurbishments and Renovations: Ensuring all refurbishments and renovations are executed smoothly and efficiently.

• Compliance: Upholding the highest standards of health and safety, and ensuring compliance with all legal requirements.

Stakeholder Collaboration:

• Building Relationships: Developing and maintaining strong working relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders including sub-contractors, sub-tenants, specialist advisers, and the landlord.

• Teamwork: Working collaboratively to ensure the seamless operation of facilities services.

Financial and Legal Acumen:

• Cost Control: Understanding purchasing, tendering, and legal processes to effectively control costs.

• Budget Management: Managing financial resources to deliver cost-effective facilities management solutions.

Operational Excellence:

• Technical Knowledge: Applying a good level of technical knowledge of building services to manage facilities effectively.

• Problem-Solving: Acting as the first point of contact for accidents, emergencies, and unexpected issues, demonstrating strong problem-solving skills.

Physical and Administrative Duties:

• Office-Based Role: While primarily office-based, the role involves moderate physical activity as needed to oversee facilities operations.

• Workload Management: Demonstrating excellent organisational skills and the ability to manage a varied workload.

The Head of Facilities Management role at Clarksons required a unique blend of technical expertise, organisational prowess, and interpersonal skills. Key attributes for success include:

• Organisational Skills: Ability to manage a varied workload efficiently.

• Technical Expertise: In-depth knowledge of building services and facilities management.

• Interpersonal Skills: Capability to develop strong working relationships with various stakeholders.

• Problem-Solving Abilities: Readiness to address emergencies and unexpected issues promptly and effectively.

The Outcome

We are delighted to have played a crucial role in securing a highly qualified Head of Facilities Management for Clarksons PLC. This appointment reflects our commitment to connecting top talent with leading organisations, ensuring that our clients benefit from exceptional facilities management solutions. We are confident that our candidate will excel in their new role, contributing to the ongoing success and efficiency of Clarksons PLC's operations at Commodity Quay.