Powering Precision: Elevating M&E Management at Credit Agricole


Credit Agricole, a leading global financial services company, required an experienced Technical Services Manager to manage the Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) systems at their Broadwalk House and 5 Churchill Place locations in London. The role was crucial for ensuring the smooth operation of business-critical infrastructure, including a large trading environment and data center.

The Challenge

The position of Technical Services Manager required a candidate with a unique combination of technical expertise and managerial acumen. The key responsibilities included:

• Managing the Master Services Agreement with an external M&E contractor.

• Overseeing complex M&E systems on a daily basis.

• Ensuring business-critical support for trading environments and data centers.

• Monitoring and optimising contractor performance for both PPM and reactive maintenance.

• Implementing smart building technologies to enhance performance and energy efficiency.

• Leading energy-saving initiatives to meet reduction targets.

• Assisting in project management for building projects and technical upgrades.

• Managing M&E contract budgets and processing purchase orders and invoices.

• Ensuring compliance with all relevant regulatory and health and safety requirements.

The role also demanded strong interpersonal skills, flexibility, and the ability to handle emergency situations on a 24/7 basis.

The Results

We successfully placed a candidate as the new Technical Services Manager for Credit Agricole. They brought a wealth of experience in managing complex M&E systems and demonstrated exceptional skills in project management and contractor oversight.

Since their appointment, the successful candidate has:

• Effectively managed the Master Services Agreement, ensuring high standards of maintenance and operational performance.

• Enhanced the use of smart building technologies for improved performance monitoring.

• Led successful energy-saving initiatives, achieving significant reduction targets.

• Provided strong project management for various building projects and technical upgrades.

• Maintained rigorous compliance with regulatory and health and safety standards.

• Demonstrated excellent financial management, ensuring effective budget control and timely processing of financial documentation.

Their proactive and results-driven approach has significantly improved the operational efficiency and reliability of Credit Agricole's facilities. The candidates ability to manage complex systems and coordinate effectively with internal teams and external contractors has ensured the seamless operation of critical infrastructure.