Seamless Service: Transforming DCT’s Facilities Management with Expert Coordination


DCT, a leader in its industry, requires top-notch facilities management to maintain optimal operations for its business, staff, and visitors. To ensure the smooth provision of various FM services, DCT sought a skilled Facilities Coordinator to support their Soft Services Manager. The role involved facilitating productive relationships among key stakeholders and ensuring high standards of service across multiple facilities.

The Challenge

DCT needed a Facilities Coordinator to act as the interface between the core business and FM providers. This individual would support the Soft Services Manager in developing and implementing changes to contracted services, fostering a partnership approach with service providers, and ensuring compliance with quality management systems. Key responsibilities included managing a wide range of services, from AV and air conditioning to cleaning, pest control, and security.

The ideal candidate required:

• At least one year of experience in a similar role within FM.

• A good working knowledge of standards and legislation in the FM market.

• Proven customer service skills in a corporate environment.

• The ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously and deliver against tight deadlines.

The Results

We successfully identified and placed a highly qualified Facilities Coordinator for DCT. The selected candidate brought extensive experience in facilities management, a deep understanding of regulatory requirements, and exceptional organisational skills. This individual quickly integrated into the team and began to enhance operational effectiveness, ensuring that all facilities services were delivered to the highest standards.