Safely Stepping Forward: Our Shoe-in Recruitment of Health & Safety Manager for Deckers


Deckers, a global footwear and apparel company, required a proficient Health & Safety and Facilities Manager to oversee their EMEA locations. They tasked us with finding a candidate who could manage facilities, maintenance, and health & safety while fostering productive relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

The Challenge

The role of Health & Safety and Facilities Manager presented several challenges:

1. Comprehensive Management: The candidate needed to manage facilities, implement health & safety policies, and maintain productive relationships across multiple countries.

2. Stakeholder Collaboration: Effective communication and negotiation skills were essential to balance the diverse needs of different functions and locations.

3. Leadership Excellence: Leading a small team, the candidate needed to provide clear direction and support to ensure the delivery of all facilities-related projects.

4. Corporate Responsibility: Developing and implementing policies on corporate responsibility and sustainability was crucial to align the region with global initiatives.

The Results

We successfully sourced a highly qualified Health & Safety and Facilities Manager for Deckers, delivering impactful results:

Optimised Facilities Operations: The new manager has streamlined facilities management processes, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs while maintaining high standards.

Elevated Health & Safety Standards: Implementing robust policies and procedures, the candidate has significantly improved workplace safety and ensured compliance with local regulations.

Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement: Building strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders, the manager has facilitated effective communication and collaboration.

Empowered Team Leadership: Providing guidance and support, the new manager has empowered the team to achieve excellence, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Commitment to Sustainability: Through innovative initiatives, the successful candidate has championed environmental responsibility, aligning Deckers with global sustainability objectives.