Strategic Recruitment Success: Fulfilling Crucial Roles for Evelyn & Partners


We take pride in its commitment to delivering exceptional talent to clients across various sectors. In a recent collaboration with Evelyn & Partners we embarked on a journey to fulfill crucial roles within their organisation. This case study highlights the successful partnership between ourselves and Evelyn Partners, showcasing how strategic recruitment efforts led to the fulfillment of five key positions, enhancing the client's operational efficiency and overall performance.

The Challenge

Evelyn Partners approached us with a pressing need to fill five critical roles within their facilities management department. These roles included a Senior Regional Facilities Manager, 2 x Regional Facilities Managers, Facilities and Security Manager, and a Health & Safety Administrator. Each position played a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning of Evelyn Partners' facilities across multiple regions. However, finding the right candidates with the necessary skills, experience, and cultural fit proved to be a significant challenge for the client.

The recruitment process commenced with a comprehensive consultation between ourselves and Evelyn & Partners, where the client's specific needs, preferences, and organisational dynamics were thoroughly analysed. Armed with this valuable insight, we meticulously curated job descriptions and candidate profiles, ensuring alignment with the client's expectations and industry standards.

Through a multi-faceted approach encompassing targeted outreach, networking, and candidate screening, we diligently identified a pool of qualified candidates for each position. Employing rigorous assessment methodologies, including competency-based interviews, skills assessments, and cultural fit evaluations, we meticulously vetted each candidate to ensure suitability for the respective roles and organisational environment.

The Results

The collaborative efforts between ourselves and Evelyn & Partners culminated in the successful placement of five exceptional professionals within the client's facilities management team. The appointed candidates demonstrated a blend of expertise, experience, and cultural alignment, positioning them as invaluable assets to Evelyn & Partners' operational excellence.

• The Senior Regional Facilities Manager brought extensive leadership experience and strategic acumen, overseeing the efficient management of facilities across diverse regions.

• The Regional Facilities Managers assumed responsibility for optimising facility operations within their designated areas, driving productivity and cost-effectiveness.

• The Facilities and Security Manager implemented robust security measures and streamlined facility management processes, enhancing operational resilience.

• The Health & Safety Administrator implemented rigorous health and safety protocols, fostering a safe and compliant work environment for all stakeholders.