A Tasty Recruitment Project with Gail's Bakery


We recently filled the role of Facilities Assistant at Gail’s Bakery, a leading name in the artisan bakery industry. The position reports directly to the Facilities Manager, and the role serves as a crucial link between Gail’s Bakery locations and external contractors.

The Challenge

Gail’s Bakery operates multiple sites, each requiring meticulous coordination and management to ensure smooth operations. With diverse projects and ongoing maintenance needs, effective communication and coordination with contractors, bakery managers, and operational teams were vital. The company sought an individual who could seamlessly manage these responsibilities while maintaining clarity, efficiency, and attention to detail.

The Results

Maxwell Stephens identified a candidate who met Gail’s Bakery’s stringent requirements. The selected Facilities Assistant possessed exceptional communication skills, a deep understanding of Pronett (a key operational tool), and a proven track record of managing multiple projects concurrently. Their ability to navigate complex tasks, prioritise effectively, and collaborate across departments made them an ideal fit for the role.

By leveraging their expertise and collaborative approach, the Facilities Assistant significantly improved operational processes at Gail’s Bakery. Their efforts led to smoother coordination between internal teams and external contractors, resulting in enhanced productivity and cost-effectiveness. With streamlined communication, proactive problem-solving, and meticulous attention to detail, they successfully optimised facilities management operations, ensuring Gail’s Bakery continued to deliver exceptional service to its customers.