Sailing to Excellence: Elevating Facilities Management at Greystar's Sailmakers Property

The Client

Greystar is a leading global real estate company, known for its high-quality residential and commercial properties. The company's portfolio includes premier living spaces that require meticulous management to meet their high standards of service and maintenance.

The Challenge

Greystar sought a Facilities Manager for their Sailmakers property, a role critical for supporting the Community Manager to achieve operational and financial goals. This position required a blend of technical expertise, leadership, and a customer-centric approach. The ideal candidate needed to oversee teams performing facilities tasks, ensure compliance with health and safety standards, and maintain the property’s overall functionality. The role also demanded strong interaction with residents to enhance service delivery and resolve issues promptly.

Key responsibilities included:

• Managing building services maintenance and mechanical, electrical, and other plant equipment.

• Collaborating with external stakeholders like local councils and fire services to ensure compliance.

• Developing and maintaining preventive maintenance schedules.

• Handling the recruitment, training, and development of the facilities team.

• Monitoring contractor performance and maintaining accurate records.

• Supporting the Community Manager with budget management and financial goals.

• Ensuring safety and compliance with statutory regulations.

The Process

1. Identifying the Ideal Candidate:

We focused on candidates with a background in building maintenance, especially in corporate residential environments like hotels or premium residential blocks.

Required qualifications included a good level of general education, preferably with a qualification in electrical/mechanical engineering or plumbing.

Key skills involved strong communication, problem-solving, commercial awareness, and the ability to work independently and lead a team.

2. Sourcing and Screening:

We leveraged our extensive network and industry knowledge to source potential candidates.

Each candidate was rigorously screened for relevant experience, technical knowledge, and alignment with Greystar’s core values.

3. Interview and Selection:

Shortlisted candidates underwent a multi-stage interview process, including technical assessments and behavioral interviews to gauge their fit for Greystar’s culture and the specific demands of the role.

Final candidates were evaluated on their ability to handle on-call responsibilities, manage multiple sites, and maintain high standards of service and compliance.

The Results

Upon placement, the selected Facilities Manager immediately began making significant contributions to the Sailmakers property:

• Operational Efficiency: Streamlined the maintenance and management of building services, ensuring that all mechanical and electrical equipment operated at peak efficiency.

• Compliance and Safety: Worked closely with local councils and fire services to ensure all statutory requirements were met, enhancing the safety and compliance of the property.

• Team Leadership: Successfully hired and onboarded new team members, providing training and development opportunities to build a cohesive and effective maintenance team.

• Resident Satisfaction: Actively engaged with residents to address and resolve service issues promptly, significantly improving resident satisfaction and service delivery.

• Budget Management: Contributed to budget development and management, ensuring financial goals were met through careful monitoring and efficient use of resources.

The Facilities Manager’s proactive approach and strong leadership have led to improved operational performance, resident satisfaction, and compliance at the Sailmakers property. This successful placement underscores Maxwell Stephens’ commitment to finding the right talent for our clients, ensuring their operational goals and high standards are consistently met.