Quantum Leap in Workspace Management: Elevating IRC-UK's Workspace and Operations


We recently filled the role of Head of Workspace for the International Rescue Committee UK (IRC-UK). The IRC, established in 1933 at Albert Einstein's request, provides lifesaving care and support to refugees and displaced communities. With its European headquarters in London, IRC-UK supports global activities, diversifying its donor base and advocating for vulnerable populations.

The Challenge

The Head of Workspace role was crucial for managing IRC-UK’s London offices and related services, ensuring a safe and efficient working environment. The position also involved overseeing supply chain functions and IT. The successful candidate needed to manage a significant office relocation project, maintain a budget of over £500,000, and foster relationships with various internal and external stakeholders.

We identified a highly experienced candidate with a proven track record in facilities management, supply chain operations, and IT leadership. The candidate’s expertise in managing office relocations, budget oversight, and fostering collaborative relationships aligned perfectly with IRC-UK’s needs.

The Results

Upon appointment, the Head of Workspace took charge of several key areas:

• Office Relocation: Managed all aspects of IRC-UK’s relocation to a new London office, a significant project that formed a major part of their initial workload.

• Workspace Management: Ensured the availability of a professional and effective working environment, overseeing services such as cleaning, reception, and workspace safety and security.

• Budget Management: Controlled the operational costs budget, ensuring cost-effective cover for office rent, utilities, maintenance, IT equipment, and other essential services.

• Supply Chain: Managed and developed the supplier portfolio, leading procurement to ensure the effective supply of services and integrating supply chain operations.

• IT Services: Provided strategic and operational leadership for IT services, ensuring continuous improvement and the strategic management of IT resources.

• Policy and Procedure Development: Ensured comprehensive and widely understood policies and procedures for supply chain, administration, and IT, and maintained the Workspace pages on RescueNet.