Janus Henderson's Global Facilities Management Triumph: A Recruitment Odyssey


We recently had the privilege of partnering with Janus Henderson Investors, a leading global asset management firm. Our task was to recruit a Global Facilities Manager to oversee and streamline their international operations. This case study outlines the recruitment process, the challenges faced, and the successful placement of a highly qualified candidate.

Janus Henderson Investors is a renowned global asset management group, formed through the merger of Janus Capital Group and Henderson Global Investors. The firm manages assets for institutions, retail investors, and private clients worldwide. With a commitment to delivering excellent service and investment outcomes, Janus Henderson Investors needed a Global Facilities Manager capable of managing their extensive property portfolio and ensuring efficient facility operations across multiple regions.

The Challenge

Recruiting for a high-caliber role like Global Facilities Manager involved several key challenges:

1. Global Scope: The role required overseeing facilities across multiple continents, necessitating a candidate with extensive international experience.

2. Complex Requirements: The candidate needed to possess a blend of strategic vision, operational expertise, and strong leadership skills.

3. Industry Knowledge: A deep understanding of the asset management industry and its specific facility needs was essential.

To meet Janus Henderson Investors' specific needs, we implemented a comprehensive, multi-stage recruitment strategy:

1. Detailed Client Consultation: We began by conducting in-depth consultations with key stakeholders at Janus Henderson to fully understand their requirements, company culture, and the specific challenges associated with the role.

2. Targeted Search Strategy: Leveraging our extensive network and advanced search tools, we identified potential candidates with the requisite international experience and industry knowledge. Our search spanned multiple regions to ensure a diverse pool of highly qualified candidates.

3. Thorough Screening and Assessment: We conducted rigorous screening processes, including detailed interviews and assessments, to evaluate candidates' technical skills, strategic thinking, and cultural fit with Janus Henderson Investors.

4. Client Collaboration: Throughout the process, we maintained close communication with Janus Henderson, providing regular updates and involving them in key stages of the selection process to ensure alignment with their expectations.

The Result

After an exhaustive search and thorough vetting process, we successfully placed a highly experienced Global Facilities Manager with Janus Henderson Investors. The selected candidate brought over 20 years of international facilities management experience, a proven track record in the financial services sector, and the leadership qualities needed to drive continuous improvement across Janus Henderson's global facilities.