Global Expansion, Local Excellence: Elevating Brand Cohesion and Operational Efficiency at Kentro Capital Ltd


Kentro Capital Ltd, comprising Nexus Underwriting Ltd and Xenia Broking, stands as a formidable force in the London market, boasting the largest independent specialty Managing General Agent (MGA) and a niche credit insurance and surety brokerage. With a global presence spanning 16 offices worldwide, Kentro Capital is an ambitious entity, continuously seeking to expand its global footprint through proactive acquisitions. Central to their success is the preservation of their distinctive brand and culture across all offices, fostering a welcoming environment for their 305+ employees, and ensuring the commercial viability of their office spaces through effective management and negotiation of leases and contracts.

The Challenge

Kentro Capital faced the critical task of filling a pivotal facilities management position. This role demanded a candidate capable of not only upholding the Kentro/Nexus/Xenia brand and culture across diverse global locations but also orchestrating seamless office operations. The multifaceted responsibilities included overseeing leases and contracts, conducting due diligence during acquisitions, managing property maintenance, and spearheading premises projects. Additionally, the candidate needed to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, develop operational guidelines, and nurture a proactive support culture.

We rose to the challenge, meticulously identifying and vetting candidates who embodied the requisite skills, experience, and cultural fit demanded by Kentro Capital.

The Results

Through a comprehensive search and selection process, we successfully placed a candidate who exceeded expectations. Armed with a robust background in facilities management and a knack for effective communication and problem-solving, the candidate seamlessly integrated into Kentro Capital's dynamic environment.

The impact was palpable. With the new facilities management lead at the helm, Kentro Capital experienced enhanced cohesion across global offices, with the Kentro/Nexus/Xenia brand and culture reverberating throughout. Employee satisfaction soared as the work environment became more welcoming and conducive to productivity. Moreover, the company's commercial interests were safeguarded through astute negotiation of leases and contracts, ensuring each office remained financially viable.