Knocking it Out of the Park: Recruiting a Top-notch Technical Services Manager for a Prestigious Sporting Venue


We recently undertook the challenge of filling the Technical Services Manager position within the Estates department of a prestigious sporting venue. With a focus on managing preventive and reactive maintenance regimes, ensuring safety compliance, and overseeing critical services, the role demanded a candidate with exceptional technical expertise and leadership skills.

The Challenge

The recruitment process presented several challenges. We needed to identify a candidate with a deep understanding of building services, including high voltage networks and distribution. Moreover, the ideal candidate had to possess comprehensive knowledge of planned and reactive maintenance operations, health and safety regulations, and asset management within a sporting environment.

We employed a meticulous recruitment strategy to find the perfect fit for the Technical Services Manager role. This strategy involved thorough candidate screening to ensure alignment with the technical requirements and competencies outlined in the job specification. Additionally, the team leveraged their extensive network to target candidates with relevant engineering qualifications and a track record of successful technical delivery

The Results

After a rigorous selection process, we successfully placed a highly qualified Technical Services Manager who met and exceeded the client's expectations. The appointed candidate brought not only technical expertise but also strong leadership skills, flexibility, and a commitment to continual improvement. Their appointment ensured the seamless operation of preventive and reactive maintenance regimes, contributing to the efficiency and safety of the esteemed sporting venue.