Revitalising Hospitality: How Mitchell & Butlers Elevated Maintenance Standards with Expert Area Building Managers


Mitchell & Butlers is a renowned leader in the hospitality industry, boasting over 1,600 establishments across the UK, ranging from beloved restaurants to lively pubs. Despite challenges faced in recent times, Mitchell & Butlers remains dedicated to its mission of delivering exceptional experiences to customers nationwide.

The Challenge

Due to continued growth and a commitment to maintaining high standards across their diverse portfolio, Mitchell & Butlers sought two Area Building Managers to join their mobile Building Maintenance team. These professionals were tasked with overseeing the maintenance and operational standards of pubs and restaurants within a designated geographic area.

The Area Building Managers would report to the Head of Building Maintenance and manage a significant portfolio of company assets stretching from Norfolk to Southend, predominantly focusing on locations south of Cambridge. Key responsibilities included ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, managing operational budgets (approximately £5m), and maintaining accurate building maintenance data.

Mitchell & Butlers required candidates with proven expertise in building surveying, preferably within retail and licensed environments. Additionally, they sought individuals with strong project management skills, the ability to navigate complex demands, and a commitment to fostering positive relationships with both internal teams and external stakeholders.

The Results

We successfully identified and placed two highly qualified professionals for these critical roles. Each candidate possessed extensive experience in construction and building surveying, complemented by a deep understanding of regulatory requirements and operational efficiencies within hospitality settings. Both candidates were able to demonstrate their capacity to manage multiple demands while maintaining rigorous standards of health, safety, and compliance.

With our support, Mitchell & Butlers secured two Area Building Managers who seamlessly integrated into their established team. These individuals have since played pivotal roles in enhancing operational effectiveness, ensuring cost management strategies are optimised, and maintaining high standards across their respective geographic areas. Their contributions have not only strengthened Mitchell & Butlers' operational resilience but also reinforced their commitment to excellence in customer service and facility management.