Full Steam Ahead: How We Powered Up National Express with Expert Project Manager Hire


National Express, a leading provider of public transport services, sought to enhance its facilities management operations by recruiting a dedicated Project Manager. With a national scope, this role required not only expertise in managing estates and planning projects but also a strong understanding of the transport industry. We were entrusted with finding the right candidate to fill this critical position, ensuring that National Express could maintain and improve their extensive infrastructure.

The Challenge

National Express needed a Project Manager capable of handling a variety of responsibilities, including:

• Managing estates across multiple locations.

• Scoping out and planning diverse projects.

• Overseeing moves and changes within facilities.

• Applying a generalist background in facilities management.

• Managing contractors effectively.

• Possessing transport industry knowledge.

• Managing budgets and capital projects.

The role required the candidate to be based in Birmingham 4-5 days a week, with one day dedicated to traveling to different sites nationwide. Additionally, an immediate start was preferred, though candidates with notice periods were also considered.

We approached this recruitment challenge by leveraging our extensive network and expertise in facilities management. We meticulously screened and interviewed candidates to ensure they met the specific requirements of National Express, focusing on:

• Experience in Estates Management: Candidates were evaluated on their ability to manage large-scale estates and their familiarity with the challenges associated with maintaining multiple properties.

• Project Planning and Execution: We sought individuals with a proven track record in scoping out and planning projects, ensuring they could handle the diverse and dynamic needs of National Express.

• Generalist FM Skills: The role required a well-rounded background in facilities management, including moves and changes, contractor management, and transport knowledge.

• Budget Management: Candidates needed to demonstrate strong skills in managing budgets and overseeing capital projects to ensure financial efficiency.

The Results

Under our guidance, National Express successfully appointed a skilled Project Manager with a salary of £40,000 plus a £5,000 car allowance. The new manager quickly integrated into the organisation, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the role. Key achievements included:

• Effective Estates Management: The Project Manager successfully managed National Express's extensive estates, ensuring all locations were maintained to high standards.

• Project Planning and Execution: With a strategic approach to scoping out and planning projects, the manager efficiently handled various initiatives, contributing to the smooth operation of National Express's facilities.

• Seamless Moves and Changes: The new hire adeptly oversaw moves and changes, minimising disruptions and ensuring operational continuity.

• Contractor Management: By effectively managing contractors, the Project Manager ensured that all tasks were completed on time and within budget, maintaining high-quality standards.

• Transport Industry Insight: The candidate's transport knowledge proved invaluable, providing insights that enhanced the overall facilities management strategy.

• Budget and Capital Project Management: With a keen eye on financial management, the Project Manager skillfully handled budgets and capital projects, optimising resource allocation and expenditure.