Enhancing Excellence: Strategic Estate Management at New Atlas Wharf


New Atlas Wharf (Management) Ltd. is a distinguished leasehold management company overseeing a premier residential development in London, comprising 151 apartments across seven lift-serviced cores. Situated at Arnhem Place, London E14 3SS, the estate boasts extensive facilities including car parks, gardens, a gymnasium, and a porter's lodge.

The Challenge

New Atlas Wharf sought an Estate Manager who could uphold their values of respect, teamwork, accountability, and customer-centric service while ensuring efficient day-to-day operations and meticulous maintenance of the development. The role required a seasoned professional capable of managing diverse stakeholder expectations and overseeing a range of essential facilities and services.

We identified a candidate with a robust background in facilities and estate management, possessing exceptional interpersonal skills and a proactive approach to problem-solving. The selected Estate Manager demonstrated proficiency in budget management, project oversight, and compliance with regulatory requirements—a perfect fit for New Atlas Wharf's dynamic environment.

The Results

Upon placement, the Estate Manager assumed responsibility for a broad spectrum of duties, including:

• Facilities and Building Maintenance: Overseeing service contracts, building repairs, and project management to ensure optimal functioning and upkeep of the estate.

• Financial Oversight: Implementing stringent checks on expenditures to achieve cost-effectiveness while maintaining high standards of service delivery.

• Stakeholder Engagement: Acting as a primary point of contact for leaseholders, residents, and contractors, fostering positive relationships and addressing concerns promptly.

• Personnel Management: Leading and nurturing a team of dedicated staff, ensuring their professional development and well-being through regular training and performance reviews.

• Administrative Excellence: Managing administrative tasks, from compliance with leaseholder obligations to maintaining corporate and domestic risk assessments.

Under the leadership of the appointed Estate Manager, New Atlas Wharf has reinforced its reputation as a well-run, sought-after residential landmark. By adhering to the company's core values and strategic goals, the manager has successfully enhanced resident satisfaction, optimised operational efficiency, and ensured the long-term sustainability of the estate.