Orchestrating Success: Recruiting a Property Specialist for ORR


We were recently engaged by the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) to find a Property Specialist. The ORR, an independent safety and economic regulator for Britain’s railways and the monitor of Highways England, required a specialist to support a project reviewing and potentially relocating their London office. This role was crucial for ensuring the seamless transition and continued operational excellence of their facilities.

The Challenge

The role of Property Specialist at ORR was multifaceted and required a candidate with significant expertise and experience. The main challenges were:

• High-Level Expertise: The candidate needed to have a proven track record in delivering large-scale facilities and estates projects, demonstrating significant strategic experience in property transformation and change management within a structured project environment.

• Stakeholder Management: The role required excellent stakeholder management skills to build and maintain successful relationships across the organisation, including with senior executives, the Board, and other senior stakeholders.

• Comprehensive Responsibilities: The candidate had to oversee various support services such as mechanical, electrical, office maintenance, Health and Safety, and security. Additionally, they needed to ensure effective collaboration with other government departments and manage budgets to deliver value for money.

The Results

We executed a targeted recruitment strategy to identify and attract top-tier candidates who met ORR’s stringent criteria. Through a meticulous screening process and close collaboration with ORR, we successfully placed an exceptional Property Specialist.

Successful Placement:

• The selected candidate brought extensive experience in facilities management, with a deep understanding of Health and Safety compliance and a strong background in delivering property transformation programmes.

• Their ability to manage high-pressure environments, coupled with excellent stakeholder management skills, ensured a seamless integration into the ORR team.

• The candidate’s leadership and expertise have significantly contributed to the efficient and safe operation of ORR’s property transformation project, enhancing service delivery and stakeholder satisfaction.