Tri-City Triumph: Revolutionising Workspace Management for Pareto FM


We recently partnered with Pareto FM, a company renowned for delivering high-quality facilities management services. Pareto FM was seeking a highly skilled Workspace Project Manager to oversee and successfully manage capital investment projects from end to end across London, Dublin, and Romania. The role demanded a comprehensive understanding of project management, stakeholder consultation, cost estimation, risk management, and adherence to health and safety legislation.

The Challenge

Pareto FM required a Workspace Project Manager who could:

• Formulate and translate project objectives into scopes of work.

• Develop procurement strategies to deliver best value.

• Engage with key stakeholders to ensure user requirements were met.

• Collaborate with professional advisors to create effective designs and specifications.

• Present project reports at key milestones for business and stakeholder approval.

• Manage project budgets and monitor costs throughout the project lifecycle.

• Establish and adhere to project timelines and operational constraints.

• Obtain statutory approvals and ensure compliance with health and safety legislation.

• Work with IT and MAC managers for seamless project delivery.

• Conduct project close-out reviews and capture lessons for continuous improvement.

Additionally, the ideal candidate needed to hold relevant professional qualifications such as MRICS or APM, have extensive project management experience, and possess a solid understanding of office moves, fit-outs, and staff relocations.

We conducted a thorough search to identify candidates who not only met the technical and experiential requirements but also aligned with Pareto FM's commitment to excellence and innovation. Our recruitment strategy focused on:

• Utilising our extensive network and industry knowledge to identify potential candidates.

• Conducting in-depth interviews to assess candidates' technical competencies and cultural fit.

• Verifying professional qualifications and project management credentials.

• Presenting a shortlist of highly qualified candidates to Pareto FM for consideration.

The Results

We successfully placed a highly skilled and experienced Workspace Project Manager who brought a wealth of expertise to Pareto FM. The selected candidate demonstrated:

• Strong project management skills with a Prince 2 qualification.

• Extensive experience in managing office moves, fit-outs, and staff relocations.

• In-depth knowledge of health and safety legislation and local planning authorities.

• Excellent stakeholder engagement and consultation abilities.

• Proficiency in Microsoft Office and effective cost management throughout project lifecycles.

The new Workspace Project Manager seamlessly integrated into the team, driving operational efficiency and supporting Pareto FM's strategic goals. Their proactive approach and ability to manage complex projects across multiple locations significantly contributed to the company's ongoing success.