Temporarily Tremendous: Pembroke House's Facilities Marvel


We were approached by Pembroke House, a charitable organisation based in Walworth, South-East London, to recruit a Facilities Manager for a three-month temporary contract. Pembroke House, founded in 1885, operates as one of the first settlement houses, dedicated to addressing poverty and inequality in the local community. With a diverse estate portfolio including community centers, residential properties, and leased spaces, Pembroke House sought a skilled professional to oversee facilities management and ensure the smooth operation of their properties.

The Challenge

The recruitment process presented several challenges, including the diverse range of properties under Pembroke House's management, each with unique maintenance and operational needs. Additionally, the temporary nature of the contract required finding a candidate capable of quickly adapting to the role and delivering results within a limited timeframe. The Facilities Manager would need to address urgent repairs, coordinate with tenants and contractors, and manage small-scale capital projects while maintaining compliance with health and safety regulations.

The Results

We successfully placed a qualified Facilities Manager who demonstrated exceptional skills in managing Pembroke House's estate. Over the three-month period, the appointed manager efficiently addressed urgent maintenance issues, coordinated capital projects, and oversaw the conversion of All Saints Hall into office space. Through proactive communication and effective leadership, they established strong tenant relations and ensured compliance with health and safety regulations. The Facilities Manager's contributions facilitated the smooth operation of Pembroke House's facilities, supporting the organisation's mission to build a stronger, more equal community in Walworth.