Innovative Horizons: Recruiting Success with Pilot Lite


Pilot Lite is a pioneering commercialisation company, transforming breakthrough innovations into sustainable, scalable business ventures. Their focus on operational excellence and innovation demands top-tier talent to drive their projects forward. Recently, Pilot Lite sought to fill three critical positions: Technical Services Manager, Quality Manager, and Supply Chain Coordinator.

The Challenge

Pilot Lite needed highly skilled professionals who not only possessed the technical expertise required for their roles but also aligned with the company’s innovative culture and strategic vision. Finding such candidates in a competitive job market posed a significant challenge. They turned to us for our expertise in facilities management recruitment.

We adopted a tailored approach to meet Pilot Lite’s unique needs. Our strategy included:

1. In-Depth Understanding: We began by thoroughly understanding Pilot Lite’s business, culture, and specific requirements for each role. This ensured we could accurately match candidates to the company’s ethos and operational needs.

2. Targeted Search: Leveraging our extensive network and advanced search techniques, we identified and approached potential candidates who were not only skilled but also had a track record of innovation and excellence in their respective fields.

3. Rigorous Screening: Each candidate underwent a comprehensive screening process, including technical assessments, behavioral interviews, and cultural fit evaluations. This ensured that only the most suitable candidates were presented to Pilot Lite.

4. Continuous Communication: We maintained transparent and consistent communication with Pilot Lite throughout the recruitment process, providing updates and receiving feedback to refine our search and selection criteria.

The Results

The collaboration between ourselves and Pilot Lite culminated in the successful recruitment of three pivotal roles:

1. Technical Services Manager: The selected candidate brought a wealth of experience in managing technical services within dynamic environments. Their innovative approach and technical acumen made them an ideal fit for Pilot Lite’s needs.

2. Quality Manager: We identified a quality management expert with a strong background in maintaining and enhancing operational standards. Their commitment to quality assurance and continuous improvement aligned perfectly with Pilot Lite’s objectives.

3. Supply Chain Coordinator: The chosen supply chain coordinator demonstrated exceptional skills in managing complex supply chains efficiently. Their strategic mindset and problem-solving abilities are set to significantly enhance Pilot Lite’s supply chain operations.