Mastering the Blueprint: Securing Top Talent to Drive Operational Excellence at Wembley Estate


We are proud to have successfully recruited a highly qualified Technical Services Manager for the prestigious Wembley Estate. This role is critical to the estate's operational excellence, ensuring the seamless delivery of technical services and maintenance management.

The Challenge

Our client, POD, sought a Technical Services Manager to join their management team and take charge of all technical services across the Wembley Estate. The role demanded a professional with substantial experience in facilities management, exceptional leadership skills, and a strong technical background.

We undertook a comprehensive recruitment process to find the ideal candidate:

1. Initial Consultation: Understanding POD's specific needs and the critical competencies required for the role.

2. Candidate Sourcing: Leveraging our extensive network and industry connections to identify potential candidates.

3. Screening and Assessment: Rigorous screening of applicants to ensure they met the technical specifications and demonstrated the key competencies.

4. Interview Coordination: Organising multiple interview rounds, including technical assessments and cultural fit evaluations.

5. Final Selection: Collaborating with POD to select the most suitable candidate who not only met the technical requirements but also aligned with POD's values.

The Results

The selected candidate brought a wealth of experience and technical expertise to the role, perfectly aligning with POD's expectations. Their background in managing complex building systems, coupled with strong leadership and administrative skills, ensured a smooth transition and immediate positive impact on the estate's operations.