Preserving Legacy, Driving Excellence: A Case Study of Leadership at Leeds Castle


Leeds Castle, with its rich history and sprawling grounds, required adept leadership to oversee its diverse range of services and maintenance needs. The challenge was to find individuals who could not only uphold the castle's legacy but also drive innovation and efficiency in its operations.

We carefully selected candidates who embodied the vision and expertise necessary to meet Leeds Castle's unique demands.

Head of Estate Services

The appointed Head of Estate Services assumed responsibility for the comprehensive management of support services across the estate. Tasked with stewarding the castle's buildings and lands, they spearheaded major restoration projects, liaised with regulatory authorities, and managed a multidisciplinary team with precision.

Their strategic oversight extended to budget management, environmental sustainability initiatives, and fostering collaborative relationships both internally and within the local community. By aligning corporate objectives with operational excellence, they ensured Leeds Castle remained a beacon of heritage preservation and visitor experience.

Hard Services Manager

In parallel, the Hard Services Manager, reporting to the Head of Estate Services, led the frontline efforts in maintaining the castle's infrastructure. With a focus on technical proficiency and teamwork, they orchestrated maintenance schedules, supervised contractors, and upheld rigorous health and safety standards.

Their role extended beyond routine maintenance, encompassing continuous improvement initiatives and proactive hazard identification. By embodying a customer-centric approach and demonstrating unwavering commitment to quality, the Hard Services Manager played a pivotal role in preserving the castle's grandeur while adapting to evolving visitor expectations.


Our partnership with Leeds Castle exemplifies the power of strategic recruitment in sustaining and enhancing heritage landmarks. By identifying and placing top-tier talent, they enable organisations to thrive, innovate, and leave an indelible mark on history.