How we Successfully Filled the Regional Facilities Manager Role at Prezzo


We were enlisted by Prezzo, a prominent restaurant chain, to fill the crucial position of Regional Facilities Manager. This role required a proficient individual capable of managing maintenance operations, ensuring compliance, and spearheading innovation across Prezzo’s vast estate. Our task was to identify and recruit a candidate who could seamlessly integrate into Prezzo's dynamic environment and uphold their high standards.

The Challenge

The role of Regional Facilities Manager encompassed a wide range of responsibilities, presenting several key challenges:

1. Comprehensive Maintenance Management: The candidate needed to manage day-to-day maintenance issues within a specified region and assist with maintenance across the entire Prezzo estate, ensuring minimal disruption to operations.

2. Stakeholder Collaboration: The role required close collaboration with General Managers, Operations Managers, and Operations Directors, adhering to Prezzo’s "one team" working ethic. Effective communication and relationship-building skills were essential.

3. Quality Control and Compliance: The candidate had to oversee contractors, manage the workload of mobile Prezzo Service Technicians, and ensure Health & Safety and compliance across the estate. They also needed to conduct annual building condition surveys and asset capture.

4. Innovation and Improvement: Identifying opportunities for innovation and service delivery improvements was crucial. The candidate needed to actively explore and implement new initiatives and technologies to enhance the property team’s support for the business.

5. Project Management: Assisting in identifying and managing competent contractors for planned and ad-hoc projects was a critical component of the role, demanding exceptional organisational and project management skills.

The Results

After an extensive search and thorough vetting process, we successfully placed a highly skilled Regional Facilities Manager at Prezzo. The outcomes of this placement have been overwhelmingly positive:

1. Enhanced Maintenance Management: The new Regional Facilities Manager has effectively overseen day-to-day maintenance issues within their region, significantly reducing downtime and ensuring rapid restoration of restaurant operations when needed.

2. Strengthened Stakeholder Relationships: By fostering strong working relationships with operational team members and adhering to the "one team" ethic, the new hire has enhanced collaboration and communication across the business, contributing to smoother operations.

3. Improved Quality Control and Compliance: The candidate has implemented rigorous quality assessments for contractors and mobile service technicians, ensuring high standards of maintenance and compliance. Their proactive approach to Health & Safety has reinforced a culture of compliance across the estate.

4. Driving Innovation: The new Regional Facilities Manager has identified and implemented several new initiatives and technologies, leading to improved service delivery and operational efficiencies. Their innovative mindset continues to drive progress within Prezzo’s facilities management team.

5. Effective Project Management: The successful candidate has demonstrated exceptional project management skills, efficiently overseeing planned and ad-hoc projects and ensuring they are completed to the highest standards.