Rolling the Dice: Our Success in Placing a Group Property Director for Rank Group plc


Rank Group plc, a prominent international gaming company, sought an experienced and forward-thinking Group Property Director to oversee the management and development of their extensive property portfolio. The role was critical for ensuring the seamless operation and strategic growth of venues and offices across the UK and Spain. This position required a seasoned property professional with expertise in multi-site developments, property transactions, and facilities management.

The Challenge

Rank Group's requirement was multifaceted: the ideal candidate needed a strong background in managing large-scale property projects, including acquisitions, developments, refurbishments, and disposals. Additionally, they needed to possess exceptional leadership skills to guide property, maintenance, and development teams effectively. The role also demanded significant experience in contract management, regulatory compliance, and the ability to drive cost efficiencies while maintaining high-quality standards.

The Results

After a detailed and thorough search process, we successfully placed a highly qualified Group Property Director. The appointed candidate brought significant experience in managing complex property portfolios, exceptional leadership abilities, and a strong commercial focus.

Our strategic recruitment process and deep industry knowledge enabled Rank Group plc to secure a top-tier Group Property Director. This successful placement not only addressed the immediate operational needs but also supported the company's long-term growth and strategic goals.