How We Assisted Riverstone International in Elevating Facilities Management


We recently recruited for a client in the financial sector, namely Riverstone International to fill the position of Facilities Assistant. This role was pivotal in ensuring the seamless day-to-day operations of the client's office space spanning over 23,191 sq. ft. in London.

The Challenge

The client sought a Facilities Assistant who could provide comprehensive support to the Facilities team, uphold service provision standards, and mitigate operational risks efficiently. With a focus on maintaining regulatory compliance and fostering a customer-centric approach, the client aimed to enhance its facilities management practices.

Understanding the intricate demands of the role, we deployed our extensive recruitment network to identify top talent with the requisite experience and competencies.

The Results

After a meticulous selection process, a qualified candidate was appointed to fulfill the responsibilities of the Facilities Assistant role.

1. Strategic Support: The appointed Facilities Assistant demonstrated adeptness in conducting daily tours of the building, implementing checklists, and assessing overall premises' conditions to mitigate operational risks effectively. By adhering to standing operating procedures and KPIs, the assistant ensured consistent service delivery.

2. Operational Efficiency: Through proactive stock management and administrative support, the Facilities Assistant optimised resource utilisation across various office amenities such as kitchen supplies, stationery, and mailroom operations. This streamlined approach minimised downtime and enhanced workflow efficiency.

3. Adaptability and Flexibility: In response to dynamic operational requirements, the Facilities Assistant exhibited versatility by providing reception coverage, facilitating meeting room bookings, and supporting onboarding processes for new employees. Such flexibility ensured the continuity of service functions during peak operational periods.

4. Technology Integration: Leveraging ZOHO for work requests, contractor coordination, and task assignment, the Facilities Assistant embraced technology to streamline facilities management processes. This digitised approach facilitated seamless communication and task prioritisation, enhancing overall operational agility.

5. Regulatory Compliance: With a keen focus on data protection, health, and safety, the Facilities Assistant actively contributed to maintaining compliance with relevant legislation. From conducting DSE assessments to ensuring firefighting equipment integrity, meticulous attention to detail upheld organisational standards and regulatory obligations.