Recruiting the Head of Engineering Services for the Royal Shakespeare Company


We recently partnered with the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) to recruit a highly skilled and experienced Head of Engineering Services. The RSC, renowned for bringing Shakespeare’s works to diverse audiences, operates several key properties including three theatres, administrative offices, costume workshops, gardens, and multiple residential properties in Stratford-upon-Avon, as well as rehearsal rooms and offices in London. This expansive estate requires meticulous maintenance and strategic development to support the RSC’s mission of inspiring and captivating audiences through exceptional theatrical experiences.

The Challenge

The RSC sought a leader who could effectively manage their extensive estate while ensuring compliance with safety standards and environmental regulations. The ideal candidate needed to possess:

• Extensive experience in building or engineering services management.

• Strong leadership and interpersonal skills.

• A strategic mindset to align engineering services with the RSC’s artistic vision and business objectives.

• The ability to manage large budgets and oversee major capital projects.

Additionally, the role demanded a proactive approach to problem-solving, excellent communication skills, and the ability to inspire and lead a diverse team.

The Results

After a meticulous selection process, we successfully placed a highly qualified candidate as the Head of Engineering Services. The appointed individual brought a wealth of experience in engineering services management, a strong understanding of quality systems, and exemplary leadership skills. Their proactive and organised approach, combined with a positive attitude and excellent communication abilities, made them an ideal fit for the role.