Gallery Greatness: Sculpting Success with Serpentine's Head of Buildings and Operations


We recently collaborated with Serpentine, an internationally renowned art gallery based in London's Kensington Gardens, to fill the crucial position of Head of Buildings and Operations.

Serpentine stands as a beacon of innovation and boldness in the contemporary art world. For over half a century, Serpentine has been at the forefront of presenting pioneering exhibitions, showcasing both emerging talents and internationally recognized artists. With a commitment to free access for all, Serpentine has built a strong connection with its local community while also amassing a significant digital following.

Under the leadership of Bettina Korek and Hans Ulrich Obrist, Serpentine continues to push boundaries, addressing urgent issues such as ecology, climate emergency, equity, and digital innovation.

The Challenge

Serpentine sought a seasoned professional to lead their Buildings and Operations department, a role critical for maintaining the gallery's infrastructure, ensuring visitor safety, and driving sustainability initiatives. The ideal candidate needed to possess a diverse skill set, including extensive experience in buildings maintenance, facilities management, health and safety regulations, and IT infrastructure.

We swiftly identified and vetted candidates who not only met but exceeded Serpentine's expectations. Leveraging our extensive network and rigorous selection process, we presented Serpentine with a pool of highly qualified individuals equipped to tackle the challenges of the Head of Buildings and Operations role.

The Results

The collaboration between us and Serpentine culminated in the successful appointment of a Head of Buildings and Operations who embodied the gallery's values and vision. With a track record of managing complex projects, ensuring compliance with regulations, and championing environmental sustainability, the appointed candidate seamlessly integrated into Serpentine's dynamic environment.

Our partnership with Serpentine exemplifies the company's dedication to delivering exceptional talent solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. By understanding Serpentine's culture, values, and operational requirements, we facilitated a seamless recruitment process, ultimately contributing to Serpentine's continued success in the art world.