Streamlining Excellence: Siemens AG's Strategic Recruitment for Regional Real Estate Management in Western Europe


Siemens AG, a global technology conglomerate headquartered in Germany, required a Regional Real Estate (RE) Manager to oversee its operations across Western Europe. With a diverse portfolio of facilities spanning various industries and sectors, Siemens AG sought an experienced professional capable of managing complex real estate projects and ensuring operational excellence. We undertook the challenge of identifying the ideal candidate to fulfill this crucial role.

The Challenge

The scope of managing real estate across Western Europe presented unique challenges for Siemens AG. They required a candidate with significant experience in location management, project management, and contractor leadership within the real estate environment. Additionally, expertise in managing facilities services for diverse office and R&D sites, along with participation in large-scale construction projects, was essential.

The Results

We initiated a comprehensive recruitment process leveraging our extensive network and expertise in facilities management recruitment. Through meticulous screening and interviewing, we identified a candidate with a proven track record in location management, project management, and contractor leadership. The selected candidate brought valuable experience in managing facilities services for office and R&D sites, as well as participating in large-scale construction projects across the UK and Europe.

The appointed Regional Real Estate Manager seamlessly integrated into Siemens AG's operations, assuming responsibility for all location RE services across multiple European locations. Leveraging their expertise, the manager implemented and managed facilities services, ensuring operational efficiency and compliance with quality, timing, and budgetary guidelines. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement with contractors and stakeholders, the manager optimised performance and minimised costs.