Artful Management: How Sotheby’s Institute Found the Perfect 'Frame' for Facilities Excellence


We recently undertook the recruitment process for the role of Facilities Manager at Sotheby’s Institute of Art – London. This position plays a critical role in maintaining a safe, efficient, and welcoming environment across two distinct sites of the renowned institute.

The Challenge

The role demanded a meticulous individual capable of overseeing diverse responsibilities ranging from managing reception operations to ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations. The candidate also needed to exhibit adaptability and readiness to deputise for the Head of Facilities & Operations when required.

We diligently sought a candidate who possessed a blend of professional experience and personal attributes essential for the role. They crafted a comprehensive job description, highlighting key responsibilities and essential criteria, to attract the most suitable talent.

After a thorough recruitment process, we successfully identified an ideal candidate equipped to meet the demands of the Facilities Manager role. The selected individual demonstrated:

• Expertise in Facilities Management: With prior experience in similar roles, the candidate showcased a profound understanding of building operations, health and safety compliance, and vendor management.

• Customer-Centric Approach: Recognising the importance of exceptional service, the candidate exhibited a proactive and friendly demeanor, ensuring all staff, students, and visitors received prompt and courteous assistance.

• Flexibility and Initiative: Willingness to work flexible hours to support special events and cover for colleagues, coupled with a proactive approach to problem-solving, underscored the candidate's adaptability and initiative.

• Effective Communication Skills: Proficient in written, verbal, and interpersonal communication, the candidate facilitated seamless coordination between various departments and stakeholders.

• Technical Proficiency: Possessing strong IT skills, including proficiency in Outlook, Word, and Excel, the candidate efficiently managed administrative tasks and leveraged technology for streamlined operations

The Results

By successfully recruiting a highly qualified and dedicated Facilities Manager, we enabled Sotheby’s Institute of Art – London to uphold its commitment to providing a safe, healthy, and conducive environment for learning and collaboration. The selected candidate seamlessly integrated into the team, demonstrating exceptional leadership in overseeing building operations, managing events, and fostering a culture of excellence.