Anchoring Steamship Insurance with Expert Building Maintenance


We recently undertook the task of recruiting a Building Maintenance Operator for Steamship Insurance. This role was essential to ensuring the seamless operation and upkeep of the company's building, plant, utilities, and infrastructure. The Building Maintenance Operator would report directly to the Building Administrator and was responsible for maintaining a safe and functional environment.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to identify a candidate who could:

• Develop, maintain, and implement the company’s Health and Safety policy.

• Test and maintain the company's generator and UPS systems.

• Conduct and record environmental tests.

• Perform necessary maintenance for health and safety.

• Test, log, and maintain the company’s safety and emergency alarms and equipment.

• Oversee the servicing of environmental systems (heating, air conditioning, etc.) and utilities (electricity, water, sewerage).

• Assist in maintaining the building’s physical security systems.

• Support the building’s refurbishment program as directed.

• Help maintain the company’s assets.

• Contribute to the continuous improvement of company procedures and systems.

• Administer invoices for responsible contractors.

• Attend relevant training to develop knowledge and skills.

• Perform other duties as required within the scope of personal skills and abilities.

The ideal candidate needed a strong background in building maintenance, a keen understanding of health and safety standards, and the ability to manage multiple systems and tasks efficiently.

The Results

We successfully placed a highly skilled Building Maintenance Operator who brought extensive experience and expertise to the role. The selected candidate demonstrated:

• Strong knowledge of building maintenance and environmental systems.

• Proficiency in health and safety standards and policy implementation.

• Experience in testing and maintaining generator and UPS systems.

• Capability to perform and record environmental tests and maintain safety and emergency systems.

• Effective management of utilities and physical security systems.

• Support for refurbishment programs and asset maintenance.

• Commitment to continuous improvement and professional development.

The new Building Maintenance Operator seamlessly integrated into the team, ensuring the building’s infrastructure and services remained safe and functional, thus supporting Steamship Insurance’s operational efficiency and strategic goals.