Excellence in Action: Transforming Facility Management at Tascor


We recently undertook the critical task of recruiting a Facilities Manager for Tascor, a prominent service provider operating in Sussex under a PFI (Private Finance Initiative) contract. This role was pivotal in ensuring the efficient management of statutory and pre-planned maintenance programmes, reflecting Tascor's commitment to excellence in customer service and compliance.

The Challenge

The Facilities Manager role at Tascor involved a spectrum of responsibilities:

1. Comprehensive Maintenance Management: Overseeing integrated and cost-effective maintenance services to ensure compliance with statutory regulations and warranty requirements.

2. Contractor Management: Sourcing qualified contractors, ensuring compliance with insurance and safety regulations, and maintaining robust record-keeping systems for all testing activities.

3. Health, Safety, and Compliance: Conducting risk assessments, implementing safe work practices, managing COSHH requirements, and ensuring adherence to Capita/Tascor policies.

4. Operational Efficiency: Managing purchase orders, reporting incidents, and performing driving duties as required, all while adhering to Capita's approved procedures and health and safety policies.

5. Customer Service and Ambassadorship: Acting as a primary point of contact for Sussex Police and Contract Manager, ensuring access authorities and permit-to-work systems are meticulously maintained.

The Results

We successfully placed an experienced Facilities Manager who excelled in meeting Tascor's stringent requirements. The new manager implemented effective maintenance programmes, enhanced compliance protocols, and optimised contractor management. Their proactive approach ensured operational efficiency and maintained high standards of service delivery under the PFI contract. Through their dedication to detail and adherence to health and safety protocols, the Facilities Manager became a valuable asset, reinforcing Tascor's reputation for excellence in facilities management.